The Southeast of Ireland….

In contrast to the wildness of western Ireland, the Southeast is mostly low-lying and docile. Rich pastureland watered by brimming rivers extends gently to a quiet coastline of long sandy beaches, estuarine mudflats of wading birds and low cliffs fringing deep bays. Ireland's most fertile farmland lies in the Golden Vale, making Tipperary one of the most prosperous inland counties.

The Viking held sway over this region for many years, finding those broad estuaries and inviting harbours easy landings from which to torment the native Celts with pillage and nose taxes ('Pay up or we'll cut your nose off'!). Following their example, Strongbow invaded Ireland for the Anglo-Normans via Waterford in 1169, ostensibly to help Dermot MacMurrough regain his Leinster throne. In return, Strongbow received the hand of Dermot's daughter, the first dynastic alliance between Irish and Norman. But the Normans stayed on and their power grew.

The Gaelic MacMurrough Kavanaghs resented this and remained a thorn in the English side, rebelling every so often with unexpected ferocity. Cromwell finally broke their resistance, and is unaffectionately remembered here for his slaughter of hundreds of unarmed citizens at Wexford.

This region is often ignored on tours of Ireland ........but in the opinion of Ireland Luxury Tours is worth a visit.