Titanic facts…visit the Titanic Dry Dock

titanic dry dock

On our tours of Belfast we advise a call at the Titanic Dry Dock.

When you look into this vast chasm it gives you a real feel of the scale of the Titanic. Bearing in mind it was 1902 in Belfast shipyard , it is truly remarkable.

Some facts about the Titanic are truly interesting....

It cost 7.5 million dollars to build the Titanic !!

Price of a single first class ticket was 4,700 dollars...or 50,000 dollars in todays money !!

1503 lost their lives !!

The Titanic was rediscovered in 1986....74 years after it sank !!

There was no ships cat on the Titanic !!....................are you superstitious ?

If you visit the Titanic Dry Dock you could also visit Titanic Museum and the Drawing Office ... they are not far away !

If your cruise ship is in Belfast in 2013 contact us regarding our Belfast tours.

Ireland Luxury Tours is proud of the history of the Titanic in Belfast and as many here say...."She was okay when she left here"

The new Titanic Experience is truly wonderful for any Ireland tours let alone Belfast tours !!