Dave Boswell Testimonial – Chilliwack , Vancouver

It's time we sat down to tell you how very much we enjoyed the tour, and your company.  The itinerary you put together for us helped to make our trip memorable and the highlight of our European vacation.  Your easy-going style and knowledge of the Irish countryside helped give us insight into the Ireland not typically seen by tourists.  This was one of the main criteria we set for you during our discussions prior to signing on with Ireland Luxury Tours and you managed to exceed our expectations.  An Ireland tour to remember !!!!!


We hope that's not too long for a testimonial...  We have been asked a hundred times already what part of the vacation we liked the best.  "Debs"

and I have both decided that our Ireland tour was, for us, the highlight.

We were honoured that you would take us to your home to meet your family.

You have a remarkable family to be able to greet strangers so graciously.

You helped to make us all feel like friends roaming the countryside not a tour guide and clients.  You'll be happy to know the "package" arrived safely and all contents were intact.  We have spoken of you often and fondly since our parting in Dublin.  We've even taken to watching the odd rugby match!!  The "quiet man" hat looks pretty good in the convertible too!!


Take care.