Testimonial from Carol Hogan , Chicago

Testimonial from Carol Hogan , Chicago

From May 12-24th, 2014 my husband and I (from Chicago) along with my sister and her husband (from Philadelphia) took a two week tour of Ireland with Ireland luxury tours.

There’s so much good to say it is hard know where to start.

If you are busy person and need  a stress-free, five star vacation in Ireland – this is your company.

The process was seamless and painless. I talked to Maurice Dowle – one of the owners of Ireland Luxury Tours and gave him the general overview of what I wanted to do. This would be my third trip to Ireland (but everyone else’s first trip), so I had a general idea of what I wanted to see. Maurice sent me an itinerary that,  almost without exception, I accepted on the spot. Even if you don’t know what you want to see in Ireland, trust me when I say that you can leave it completely up to this company and you will not be disappointed.  This company and its employees have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of all areas of Ireland. You just need to tell them what kind of trip you want to have and they will custom build your itinerary.

I also cannot stress how important it is to have someone drive you through Ireland. As I mentioned, on my last two trips to Ireland, I drove myself around and it was not fun. Having someone who knows exactly where they’re going and who knows exactly which roads are good and which roads are not, is really an invaluable asset. It also removes an enormous amount of stress and time lost from your vacation.

We were lucky enough to get Maurice Dowle as our driver and guide. He was everything that you would expect Ireland to be. He is funny and friendly and talkative and has a very deep knowledge of what you need to see, do and eat in Ireland.  And if anyone out there still believes that the food in Ireland is sub-par, they are in for a terrific surprise. We had some of the best meals of our life on this trip. The hotel accommodations, which were all chosen by Ireland Luxury Tours for us, were also top-notch.

One of the intangibles that you also get by hiring this company is the ability to see an Ireland unobstructed by giant tour buses and thousands of tourists around the world all queuing up to see the same thing. While the Ring  of Kerry is beautiful – it is no more beautiful than the ring of Beara, Slea Head Drive, or other amazing drives you can take on the island. We really felt like we had a private tour of Ireland. While  we did hit a lot of the “touristy” spots, Maurice knew when to get there to avoid the coach tours clogged up the place. This was also invaluable to us.

The bottom line is that our trip was everything we hoped it would be. And honestly, while these guided, private tours  are slightly more expensive than some other ways of traveling through Ireland, once you do the math and add in a value for not having to drive yourself or figure out your own itinerary, it really is not that much more expensive and well worth the value. I am happy to talk to anyone about this company if you were thinking about taking a trip to Ireland.

We really had an A+ wonderful experience