Knowth Passage Grave…older than the Pyramids !!

Knowth Passage Grave…older than the Pyramids !!

Along with Newgrange and Dowth ,  Knowth forms a great Neolithic cemetery on a ridge of hills north of the Boyne river, some miles upstream from Drogheda, County Louth. 

It dates from around 3000 B.C…… making it older than the Pyramids. 

Knowth has two separate tombs back-to-back within a large earthen moundone corbeled ,  like that in Newgrange, the other flatroofed.  Because of fallen stones , public access to the burial chambers is not feasible , but visitors can see the beautifully decorated stones on the outside of the mound , and also reconstructed “satellite” tombs around its perphery. 

Access is through the Bru na Boinne Interpretative Centre on the south bank of the Boyne.

See it on any Ireland tours……