Monasterboice, County Louth

Monasterboice, County Louth

A high cross and round tower at Monasterboice, Ireland


This monastery is just nine miles from Drogheda.

It is definitely worth visiting on any tours of Ireland.


The monastery was founded by Saint Bute, who died in 521 AD.

It was destroyed by fire in 1097, and its precious library was lost.

The building fell into utter ruin around 1117.


There remains the walls and gables of two very old churches.

Also, a 110 ft tall round tower.

The tower dates from the ninth century.


But the pride of Monasterboice are the magnificent Celtic Crosses.

The West Cross is 0ver 21 ft high and covered with fine sculpturing’s of scriptural subjects.

Muiredachs Cross is not as tall but is monolithic in date.

The North Cross is 16 ft high.


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