Ardara, County Donegal


Ardara, County Donegal

This is a village near Glenties in Ireland.

An area with a few hidden gems for sure.

It is a good stop on any tours of Ireland for the following reasons.


Firstly, the scenery is outstanding as the village sits in a valley at the mouth of the Owentocker River, County Donegal.


The village is known for its production of Donegal Tweed.


It is also a great place for angling.


Loughros Point is nearby and a very pleasant trip to see the vista.


There are also the Maghera Caves nearby.

Though they can only be explored at low tide.


Do not miss the beautiful Essaranka Waterfall which is not far away.


Along the road is Killybegs which is a nice fishing port with good fresh seafood available in the restaurants.


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