Armagh As A Base For Excursions

Giuseppe Milo, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Armagh As A Base For Excursions

Armagh itself is an interesting and historical stop on any tours of Ireland.

But it also is a base for the following:


Saint Patricks Well

This is to the west of the city.

People will be intrigued by the rags tied to the Fairy Thorn, which overhangs the well.


Navan Fort

A mile beyond the well you will find a great mound.

This is what’s left of a palace built by Queen Macha three centuries before this Christian era.


The Druids Ring

A circle of huge stones and a central altar.


The Franciscan Abbey

Founded by Primate O’Scanlon in 1263.


King Niall’s Grave

This a burial mound beside the River Callan.


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