Arniston House, Midlothian

Arniston House, Midlothian

Arniston House, Midlothian

This is the seat of the Dundases of Arniston.

It is an interesting stop on any tours of Scotland.


The family was once powerful in the affairs of the South East of Scotland, and eventually of Scotland itself.


The statue of their most famous son “Henry Dundas” dominates the New Town of Edinburgh.

It sits on the top of a Roman column in the centre of Saint Andrews Square.


The Dundas family bought the land of Arniston in 1571.

The first house was built around 1620.

After the family achieved eminence and power in legal circles, they began to lay out a plan.

The town was laid out on a Dutch pattern in 1690.


The manor house was built around 1726 and has additions dating to 1753.

The Oak Room is certainly worth seeing.


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