Ballygally Castle Hotel Ghost

Every castle  of some kind, and the ghost of Ballygally has been around for the best part of 400 years! The popular theory is that the ghost is that of Lady Isobella Shaw, wife of Lord James Shaw. Lord Shaw wanted a son, and when his wife delivered his heir, he snatched the baby from his wife and locked her in a room at the top of the castle. While trying to escape to search for her beloved child, Lady Isobella fell to her death from the tower window! Another theory is that she was actually thrown from the window by the cruel Lord Shaw or one of his henchmen!

Lady Isobella's ghost is reputed to be a "friendly" spirit who walks the corridors of the old castle. Over the years many guests have reported strange experiences and have felt a presence in their rooms! There are also endless stories of unexplained noises in the night, and an eerie green mist over the castle! The hotel is so fiercely proud of their permanent resident they have even given her her own bedroom, 'The Ghost Room' in one of the towers in the oldest part of the castle.

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