Ballymote , County Sligo

Ballymote , County Sligo

Ballymote is small town on a flat agricultural plain which you may pass through on tours of Ireland.

From Ballymote you can see the hills of Keshcorran rising abruptly from the plain about 8km/5miles away.

On the west side of these hills at Kesh are the entrances to limestone caves where Cormac MacArt , King of Munster , was reared by a she wolf .

From the summit of Kesh you look across to the Bricklieve Mountains and it is a great view.

At nearby Castlebaldwin there is a collection of passage graves dating from around 2000BC. Well worth seeing on any Ireland tours and a bit of a hidden gem in tourism terms.

According to legend , around 1300 BC the final defeat of the Firblogs took place at nearby Kilmactranny which is close to the east shore of Lough Arrow.

Lots of history around Ballymote and definitely worth a look.

hills of Keshcorran