Ballynahow Castle

Ballynahow Castle

If you are driving North towards Thurles on any Ireland tours there is a wee hidden gem worth a stop.

Ballynahow Castle is a circular castle tower built by the Purcell family in the sixteenth century.

The castle stands next to a farmhouse “Ballynahow Castle Farm” and you can pick the key up from the farm. You enter the castle at the lowest of its five storeys and the circular design makes it feel a little like entering an igloo. There are many little hidden rooms within the walls and , although undecorated and entirely bare if a little dark , most of it is in an excellent state of preservation. It is very atmospheric.

The farm is also a B&B and is worth considering as an option.

This is a true hidden gem on any tours of Ireland !!BallynahowCastle2005