Benbulbin , County Sligo

Benbulbin , County Sligo

If you drive from Galway to Enniskillen on tours of Ireland it is possible to drive through Sligo and around Benbulbin. Believe me it is well worth it ! In our opinion it is not a hidden gem but more of a must see attraction !

Benbulbin is a block of carboniferous limestone with a cliff face on its western edge rising 527 m / 1730 ft above the surrounding terraced countryside. It is spectacular….Irelands own Table Top Mountain !

It is an outstanding landmark on the approach to Sligo from the West and you will not miss it on Ireland tours …it will appear as an assistance to guide you.

The top is a flat plateau covered by red bog. The edges , by the cliff face and on the scree covered lower slopes , are still home to arctic plants. Plants such as the Sandworts and Mountain Sorrel have clung on here despite the changed climate.

So when traveliing from the West to the North take this route…you will not be disappointed !