Blarney Castle, County Cork

Blarney Castle, County Cork

This is a famous stop for many tours of Ireland.


The first castle was built of wood , and the one currently visited is in fact the third castle built here.


The big draw for visitors is “skiing the Blarney Stone”.

This is a block of limestone which if kissed can enhance your “Blarney” as the Irish say.


The castle itself has the remains of the outer walls and an impressive keep.

There is a real atmosphere around the castle reflecting its interesting history.


On the ground floor were the armoury and kitchen.

On the next floor was the dining room , and above that the chapel.

The main staircase has a small outlet that led to the chamber of the Baroness.


There is also a small room with a huge fireplace. This was used to heat the cauldrons of tar and oil used to defend the castle during a siege.


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