Botanic Gardens , Belfast , Northern Ireland

Just beyond Queens University in Belfast are the Botanic Gardens. It is just one of the several attractive parks that provide green space and beauty, in and around this crowded city. The Gardens are a summer oasis for those seeking the sun (when it actually shines over Belfast) , and they have been the venue for many events, ranging from band concerts to food-fests, and from pop concerts and to evenings of classical music among the greenery.

On the edge of Botanic Gardens the statue of Lord Kelvin, an outstanding 19th-century Belfast-born scientist, is a reminder of the innovative brilliance of a city and province that has produced such luminaries as John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of the pneumatic tyre, Dr Thomas Andrews, a former Vice-President of the Queen's College whose work on chemistry was to lead eventually to inventions like the refrigerator, and Harry Ferguson, who invented the tractor.

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