Buncrana, County Donegal

Buncrana, County Donegal

This is a town in County Donegal, Ireland.

It sits beside Lough Swilly, on the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula.

Besides the outstanding scenery there are a few hidden gems to go and see.


O’Doherty’s Keep is a fourteenth century Norman castle.

In 1601 it was just a small, two-storey castle, occupied by Conor McGarret O’Doherty.

Then in 1602 a third storey was added, and the keep was restored by Hugh Boy O’Doherty.


George Vaughan built Buncrana Castle in 1718.

It was one of the first large manor houses built around Inishowen.

They used stone from the wall surrounding O’Doherty’s Keep for the construction.

Vaughan also erected the Castle Bridge across the River Crana leading to his Castle.


Castle Bridge Buncrana


If you are planning a tour of Ireland, try to include Donegal as there is a lot of history as well as stunning scenery.


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