Bunratty Castle, County Clare

Bunratty Castle, County Clare

Bunratty Castle and Durty Nellys, Southeast view 20150803 1


This is the most complete Medieval Castle in Ireland.

It is near Limerick, close to Shannon airport.

It is worth a visit on any tours of Ireland as is the great pub next door “Durty Nellys”.


Bunratty appears today just as it must have done in the 15th Century.

It has been arranged as the chief seat of an Irish Lord.


It is furnished with Lord Gorts collection of early furniture.

Tapestries and works of art re-create the authentic 15th Century atmosphere.


On entering the castle over the drawbridge, the door immediately in front opens into a great vaulted hall.

This is the Main Guard of the castle.

It was the living room of the more menial staff, and soldiers.


There is also the Great Hall to see, and the private chambers.


Nowadays they host Medieval banquets at the castle.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we like to see the castle and the surrounding folk park, before taking clients to “Durty Nellys”