Cabra Castle , County Cavan

Cabra Castle , County Cavan

Now this is a real hidden gem for any tours of Ireland !!!

This is a hotel with a great history in a good location with excellent staff and delicious food.

The original Cabra Castle , the ruins of which still stand on high ground in “Dun Na Ri Forest Park” , is a great spot on Ireland tours.

Colonel Cooch , the first owner of Cabra Estate , married Elizabeth Mervyn , and they had a daughter , also named Elizabeth. In 1686 that daughter married Joeseph Pratt and they had a son in 1687…..Mervyn.

In 1695 Colonel Cooch made a will leaving the property to this grandson and when he died in 1699 Mervy took over the estate.

The Pratt family held the state for some time and in 1780 laid out a new town nearby. Kingscourt is a typically Irish town and well worth a visit.

The Pratts held the estate until 1950 when a distant relative inherited the castle. He eventually sold it in 1964.

The current owners have had the castle since 1991 and it is worth visiting , staying in , and eating in !!!