Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim

Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim

Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim

There has been a castle on this site since the 12th century.

What stands today is very complete and well worth a visit on any tours of Ireland.

The castle is one of the most complete in Ireland.

It has an interesting history.


Prince (later King) John resided in the castle in 1210.


During the rebellion of 1641 colonists made the castle their stronghold.


The soldiers of King James the second held the castle for a time against the Duke of Schomberg in 1689.


The French Commodore Thurot besieged and captured the castle in 1760.

This is unique in history as it was the only French victory ever in the United Kingdom.

Even more unique was that Thurot was Irish by descent (the family name had been Farrell)


The Napoleonic Wars in 1797 saw the castle used as a prison for French captives.


During the First World War and Second World Wars the castle was used as a garrison and an air raid shelter.


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