Carton House, County Kildare

Carton House, County Kildare

Carton House

This magnificent house was formerly the seat of the Dukes of Leinster.

It is famous for its magnificent saloon decorated by the “Francini brothers” in 1739.


Carton is 14 miles west of Dublin and worth a stop on any tours of Ireland.


It originated from the “Manor of Maynooth” dating back to 1176 and involved Maurice Fitzgerald.

He came to Ireland with Strongbow.

The Fitzgerald’s became the Earls of Kildare in 1316.


The current property was built around 1739 by the nineteenth Lord of Kildare.


The house sits in a fine landscaped park.

There is a lake, and on the banks of the lake is Shell Cottage.

This cottage houses a magnificent collection of shells.


Carton House houses some fantastic art, as well as decorated ceilings and very fine architectural designs.


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