Castle Coole

Castle Coole

Evidence of how the richest of the Enniskillen colonists lived is found about a mile southeast of the town.

Castle Coole is a must see attraction on any Ireland tours that take you near Enniskillen.

Designed by James Wyatt and completed in 1798 it was the lakeside home of the Earls of Belmore.

A perfect Palladian fronted building made from silver Portland stone , it is quite simply magnificent.

It is set in a beautiful landscaped garden and is part of a 700 acre estate.

The castle features scagliola columns , exquisite plasterwork , a cantilevered staircase and a state bedroom. The bedroom was designed for George 1v – who never actually arrived for his visit !

There are Hogarth prints on the walls and an elegant library stocked with Regency furnishings and fireplaces.

The informative guided tour is highly recommende on tours of Ireland.

Castle Coole is also accessible on our extended Belfast tours.