If you are on tours of Ireland you may be in the vicinity of Castlederg and you may be looking for a real hidden gem.

The town lies beside the river Derg  , across whose waters lie the ruins of a plantation castle. The castle was built in 1619 and destroyed by Sir Phelim O’Neill during the 1641 Rebellion.

Castlederg remains as a staging post / watering hole for travellers on their way to Saint Patricks Purgatory on Lough Derg.

But here is an interesting fact about Castlederg …..The American frontiersman “DAVY CROCKETT”  originates from here , his family came from the Castlederg area !!!!

Nearby there are two large Megalithic tombs and a chambered altar called the “DRUIDS ALTAR”

Yes , a wee hidden gem , perfect as a watering hole on Ireland tours ………Castlederg

It is also accessible on our extended Belfast tours.