Castleward House, County Down

Castleward House, County Down

Castleward House, County Down

This is an 18th century mansion near Strangford in Northern Ireland.

It is a spectacular place to visit on any tours of Ireland.


Strangford is a small village that was a Viking trading post in the 9th century.

It is a beautiful wee place.


Castleward house is the most unusual mansion house in Ireland.

It is built in two styles, with two different fronts, and two different internal designs.

One side of the house is in the style of a Georgian mansion.

The other side is in a Gothic style.

It was built like this because Lord Bangor and Lady Bangor had different tastes.

So, he had his side of the house externally and internally, and she had her side.


There are also two small castles nearby dating back to the 15th century.


At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we like to visit this beautiful place with our clients.