Cavan, County Cavan

Cavan, County Cavan

Much of County Cavan is boggy and forested. The county is also scattered with a hundred lakes.

It is a landscape within which only the most durable ancient monuments have survived.


Centuries ago the region was even more water-ridden and wooded than it is today.

That made the land extremely difficult to penetrate for any invaders.

Though the area was not that desirable!


Because it was dominated by the O’Reilly family until the 17th century, when Cromwell was especially ruthless in quelling rebellion and confiscating land, there are few signs of Anglo-Norman settlement in the county.

But close to Ballyconnell is Magh Sleacht which was the principal pagan shrine of the Celts.

There are several pagan stone idols at various other lake sites and also a number of court cairn tombs.

Cavan’s soil is not particularly good quality though agriculture is very important there.

The real prosperity in Cavan was down to the woollen and linen industries in the 18th and 19th centuries. Though that is long gone.


We use a great hotel in Cavan – Cabra Castle.

The area is great for fishing.


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