Clackmannan, Central Lowlands

Clackmannan, Central Lowlands

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This town is near Dunfermline and worth a stop on any tours of Scotland.


Historically the town is famous for connections to the Bruce family, and the famous Robert the Bruce.

There are a few interesting architectural historical antiquities in Clackmannan.


Clackmannan Tower was built in the 14th century.

It is well preserved.

The hill on which the tower stands is called Kings Seat Hill.

It was the site of a royal hunting lodge in medieval times.

There was also a mansion on the site, beside the tower, which was demolished.


In 1787, Mrs Bruce of Clackmannan, knighted the famous poet Robert Burns with the sword of King Robert Bruce.


Also take a look at the 17th century bell-tower which once served a toll booth.

The Burgh Cross is also worth looking at.


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