Colmonell, South Ayrshire


Colmonell, South Ayrshire

This little village is a true hidden gem on any tours of Scotland.

It sits above the River Stinchar about four miles from the estuary at Ballantrae.

Check out the two kirks (churches) , and the ruined castles.

One of them , Kirkhill , bears a date of 1589.

Craigneil has the remains of a 13th century tower.

Knockdolian is a ruined square tower sitting at the foot of a hill that shares its name.


Colmonell is an excellent base from which to explore the lower Stinchar valley from Daljarrock to the sea.

The valley is very interesting with much to offer historians and naturalists.

There are a lot of interesting ruins.

The flora and fauna are also interesting.

There is fantastic salmon and seatrout fishing in the area.

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