Connemara and Clifden

Connemara and Clifden

If you find yourself in Galway on any tours of Ireland then take a drive West. After about an hour you will come to the little town of Clifden…….and you will not be disappointed….its a real hidden gem !!!!

With its little local shops you will enjoy the experience of wandering through the town. It also has a delightful delicatessen with local cheeses for sale and other local produce. Lunch here can be an experience to savour.

In the afternoon take the Sky Drive along the coast. This is surely one of the best scenic drives in Ireland.

At night there are a number of very good restaurants to choose from.

Then Clifden really comes into its own with local bars hiving with tourists and residents and traditional Irish music on offer in most of them. And the music is very very good !!!

Choosing a hotel is easy too. If you are on a budget the try Foyles Hotel in the town centre , and if you are feeling flush then sample the fantastic Ballynahinch Castle which is about 20 minutes out of the town. (back towards Galway)

Dont miss Clifden on your Ireland tours !