Coshieville, Aberfeldy

Coshieville, Aberfeldy

This is another hidden gem for any tours of Scotland.

It is an area situated in Perthshire named after a local inn.


Garth Castle is the attraction for us.


The tall keep , built on the edge of a precipitous ravine in the bed of the Keltney Burn (river).

It can be clearly seen from the road between Coshieville and Kinloch Rannoch.

Garth Castle was built in 1384 by 1st Earl of Buchan.

The tower is square in design and reeks of history.


The modern mansion house of Garth was built in 1838 and sits on the site of the old house.


Nearby Comrie Castle is now a ruin and was the home of the Menzies family.

This dates from around 1380 and is a bonus as you explore the area.


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