Crotty’s Rock , County Waterford

Crotty’s Rock , County Waterford

The Comeragh Mountains sit at 800 metres high and should be seen on any Ireland tours. They are another example of the varied landscape in Ireland.

In the mountains there are several remote places which are said to have served as hideouts for a famous outlaw – William Crotty ( Liam O Crotaigh )

The best known lies between the lakes of Coumguara and Coumshingaun and is a rock ledge with a deep chamber underneath. It is called Stolla Chrotaigh or “Crotty’s Rock”.

The hideout is virtually inaccessible and can be entered only by lowering oneself on a rope.

Crotty was the son of a poor farmer who was evicted from his holding in Russelltown , South of Clonmel. At the age of 18 he gathered a gang of young men and they robbed the rich to help the poor….supposedly !!

They frequented the Comeragh Mountains and decended to carry out raids on the landlords and their confederates.

Then the simply melted back into the mountains out of reach of the soldiers sent to hunt them.

His brother-in-law was his right hand man but his traitorous wife betrayed Crotty to the soldiers. The brother-in-law also betrayed him and gave evidence in court.

Crotty was hanged in Waterford but his ghost has been seen in the Comeragh Mountains , on a white horse and guarding hidden treasure !!

Why not look for the ghost and even the treasure on your tours of Ireland !!