Desmond Castle, Adare

Desmond Castle, Adare

Desmond Castle, Adare (506409) (27412667136)


On the road from Limerick to Killarney is the village of Adare.

It lies on the River Maigue.

This beautiful little place is worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.

Great thatched cottages and local shops and crafts.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we usually stop for a coffee and a home baked scone (with jam and cream of course!)


Once an O’Donovan stronghold Desmond Castle was taken by the Anglo-Normans in the reign of Henry the second.

In 1227 the castle passed into the hands of the Fitzgeralds.


The castle was burned on the 15th century then was rebuilt.


In 1534 it fell forfeit to the Crown. Then it was leased by the Desmond family


The whole area was largely ruled over by the Desmonds for some time and that family is a large part of the history of the area.


The castle, and some monastic buildings, now lie in ruins.

But they are still worth looking at because of the rich Irish history associated with them.