Desmond Castle, County Cork

Adareman, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Desmond Castle, County Cork

This castle sits in the village of Kinsale, which is a great stop on any tours of Ireland.

Desmond Castle is located in the middle of the town on Cork Street.

It is well worth visiting.


It can be referred to as the French Prison, as it was used as a jail for prisoners of war during the Napoleonic Wars.


The castle was built during the reign of King Henry the Seventh dating from around 1500.

Desmond Castle is a tower house.

It consists of a three-storey keep with storehouses behind.


Maurice Fitzgerald originally built the castle as the customs house for Kinsale.


When visiting now you can enjoy a tour of the International Museum of Wine in the castle.

It is very interesting and details the Irish influence on wine all around the world.


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