Donegal, County Donegal

Donegal, County Donegal

Donegal, County Donegal

In mountain parts of Donegal, you may see small pockets of corn ripen among stone and heather.

There is an immense patchwork feel to the land.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours Donegal is one of our favourite places to visit.


There are a good number of “Drumlins” in Donegal.

These are shapely hills and can be found all over Ulster.

They consist of streamlined deposits of boulder clay carried there by glaciers in the Ice Age.


A nice place to see on any tours of Ireland is the mountainous peninsula of Inishowen.

It is dominated by the impressive Slieve Snacht.

The territory was once owned by the O’Dohertys and even today the saying goes “you can’t beat a bush in Inishowen without raising an O’Doherty”.


There is also the beautiful Lough Swilly to see.


There is a famous old poem:

Gay sunlight’s o’er the hillocks creep

And join the golden weather

A scythe-sweep, and a scythe-sweep

We mow the dale together