Doon Rock, County Donegal

Doon Rock, County Donegal

This was the inaugural place of the O’Donnells, Chieftains of Donegal until the beginning of were the 17th Century.

Although the flat rock at the summit is only a short climb, because of the lie of the land it was possible for the chieftain to see the borders of the kingdom from this spot.

This allowed the Chieftains to overlook their subjects and see any approaching threat.


Kilmacrenan village is a good place to stop on any tours of Ireland.

There is a really authentic Irish feel to the place, and great tea with scones available.


Nearby is Doon Well, which is known in Ireland as a “Blessed Well”.

It is believed to have certain curative powers.

The simple exercise performed by pilgrims visiting the well is to attach a piece of personal clothing to a bush near the well.

The bush always looks like a strange kind of totem pole.

A steady flow of pilgrims still come to Doon Well.


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