Dromore Castle

The fairy-tale Dromore Castle was deigned by the Victorian architect Edward Godwin borrowed from fantasy land when he built it for the 3rd Earl of Limerick and is a must see on your tours of Ireland. He created a fortress that would have withstood the most determined attack , had such an attack been likely in the 19th century. Tradition has it that Godwin played on the Earl's fear of an Irish Nationalist uprising against the Anglo-Irish landholders , in order to give vent to an imagination that produced this fairy-tale place of turrets , towers and battlements.

Dromore is reminiscent of a Bavarian castle , and it is said that Godwin's inspiration came from a castle of the mad King Ludwig of Bavaria. It stands dramatically against a wooded skyline and overlooks a great lake.

Why not make a stop and see Dromore Castle on your Ireland tours.