Dunhill Castle

Dunhill Castle

Looming above a little bridge that crosses a river stands an overgrown ruined hilltop fortress once owned by the Power family, Dunhill Castle, a hidden gem that tells a vivid story you can discover on your tours of Ireland.

Towards the end of 1649 , Cromwell , on his way to subjugate Dungarvan , called on the castle to surrender. The Baroness of Dunhill , in control during her husband’s absence , resolutely refused. For three days Cromwell’s men besieged the stronghold. But a skilful gunner on the castle’s rooftop caused sufficient casualties for Cromwell to call off the attack.

When the gunner saw Cromwell leaving , he called for his men. The baroness , known to be cautious , sent up jugs of buttermilk instead. Incensed , the gunner ran up the white flag. Cromwell promptly returned , entered the castle , took the baroness prisoner and hanged the treacherous gunner from a nearby tree.

Why not make a stop at Dunhill Castle on your Ireland tours.