Dunvegan Castle, Isle Of Skye

Dunvegan Castle, Isle Of Skye

This is a castle in Inverness-shire and worth a look on any tours of Scotland.

It is on the Isle of Skye and beside a village with the same name.

Definitely worth a visit on any tours of Scotland.


It was the seat of the MacLeod chiefs and is world famous.

Parts of the castle are from the ninth century.

Though it is mostly dated to the 15th century , with building work right up to the 19th century.


The castle has a moat and the walls by the tower are ten feet thick.

It also has a 15th century dungeon.

Its relics include Rory Mors two handed sword , and the “fairy flag” which is believed to have been captured from the Saracens during a Crusade.


Near the castle is a memorial cairn

This cairn was erected in memory of the MacCrimmons.

They were the hereditary pipers to the MacLeod chiefs.

The MacCrimmons were the founders of the greatest school of piping the Highlands and Islands of Scotland have ever known.


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