Dysert O’Dea, County Clare


Dysert O’Dea, County Clare

The precinct of Desert O’Dea consists of the stump of a round tower.

It also has a very interesting church ruin dating from the 13th century.

Desert O’Dea is a great and historic stop on any tours of Ireland.


The church ruin is possibly most notable for its outermost arch.

The arch has a number of grotesque animal heads and human faces embellishing it.

They are quite striking , unusual , and interesting.


The cross of Desert O’Dea is also very interesting.

The ornaments and the relief of Daniel in the Lion’s Den suggest Scandinavian influence.

There is a figure of a bishop with a crook , and a figure of Christ with arms outstretched.


Dysert O’Dea Castle was built between 1470 and 1490 by the O’Dea family.

It is worth seeing.

Today the castle is known as the Clare Archaeology Centre.


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