Dysert O’Dea

Dysert O’Dea

Dysert O’Dea is in County Clare and is worth a visit on any Ireland tours to see the monastery and castle sites. It is a bit of a hidden gem.

We had not visited for a while and a recent trip around Ireland brought us there again , and reminded us of how interesting it is.

The area was the site of a 7th Century monastery founded by Saint Tola.

Dysert Castle was built in 1480 by the O’Dea clan , and though its upper floors and staircases were knocked down by the Cromwellian commissioners , it was restored in 1986. It now houses an award winning archeological centre.

Other highlights include  an 11th Century Round Tower , a High Cross , Holy Wells , Ring Forts , and church ruins which feature ancient sculptures.

There is a 2 mile trail with sites of interest mapped for visitors and its a worthwhile trek on any tours of Ireland.