Eccles, Scottish Borders

Eccles, Scottish Borders

Eccles is a rural village in the South of Scotland, near the English border.

It is a nice stop on any tours of Scotland.


It was once of considerable importance as it contained Saint Marys Cistercian Convent.

That convent was founded in 1155 by Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar.

There are now only a few remains of the convent to be seen , as it was burnt by the English in 1545.


It is also said that there was a Christian enclave at Eccles in the 6th  century.


The large parish church was built in 1774 and has a handsome spire.

Its bell has a date on it of 1659.

There were medieval stones used in the construction of the church.


Add to that The Crosshall Cross, which is at Crosshall Farm, there is plenty to explore.

That cross is said to date from the 12th century, just after the Second Crusade.

It is around three metres high and is thought to be a memorial stone of someone who had been on the Crusade.

The coat of arms may be that of the Soulis family.


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