Findo Gask, Perthshire

Findo Gask, Perthshire

This is a village in Strathearn, Perthshire.

Definitely worth a stop on any tours of Scotland.


The present House of Gask dates from 1801, but the ruins of an earlier house are in the grounds.

The name Gask refers to the nearby Gask Ridge.


There are nearby remains associated with the Roman Road to the south and the actual Roman Frontier stretched to the Gask Ridge.

The road remains are one of the best authenticated stretches in Scotland.


During the Second World War, units of the Polish Army were stationed at Findo Gask Airfield


The Oliphant family (the clan Oliphant) had owned the lands since the 12th Century.


The present house at Gask is a beautiful Georgian building with wings branching off each end and a spectacular pedimented front.

Unfortunately, its beauty has been damaged slightly by the fact that since being sold it has had the top floor removed.


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