Fortingall, Perthshire

Fortingall, Perthshire

Fortingall is an attractive village to see on any tours of Scotland.

It is situated in the highlands of Perthshire.


The churchyard has an ancient yew tree that is worth seeing.

It is said to be over 5,000 years old, and the oldest living thing on earth!


Glen Lyon House was rebuilt 1891 after the first house, built in 1728, was destroyed.


In the village is a plaque.

It marks the Cairn of the Dead.

This is where the victims of the plague were buried the 14th century.


In the graveyard, behind the yew tree, is a fine example of a cup-marked stone.


Nearby there are three circles of standing stones.


Then there is Dun Geal, which is a stone ring fort, dating from the Iron Age.


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