Gap Of Dunloe , County Kerry

Gap Of Dunloe , County Kerry

If you are in County Kerry on any tours of Ireland then the Gap of Dunloe is a must see attraction.

“MacGillicuddy’s Reeks” , Co. Kerry is not far from Killarney , and this famous and spectacular 4 mile gap through the Reeks leads to the Kenmare road and Lord Brandon’s Cottage , or deep into the desolate and remote Black Valley.

Ponies can be hired but most are trained to a short distance up the gap and budge not an inch further !!!!!

It is best to walk , savouring the views ; the nicest time is early evening.

Kate Kearney’s Cottage – named after a 19th century local beauty who sold poitin to tourists – is a great spot for a Guinness , particularly after a bracing walk.

You can stay in nearby Kenmare at the superb Sheen Falls Lodge.

So if you are on Ireland tours visit the Gap of Dunloe !!!