Giants Causeway, County Antrim

Giants Causeway, County Antrim

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we think all of our client should see what is widely considered a true wonder of the world.


Nothing can rival the causeway for sheer weirdness and geologic phenomenon.


It was created from cooling basalt erupting through the earth’s crust 60 million years ago!

The basalt solidified on white chalk creating about 37,000 columns.

These columns are all between four and eight sided.

Many clients ask if the Irish stonemasons were at their work!!!

It is truly amazing when you see the scale of the causeway.


There is a fantastic Irish legend about a giant “Finn McCool”, and I think that is best heard when standing at the causeway.

Our driver/guides tell it so well.


Over in Scotland, on the Isle of Staffa, there are similar (much smaller) formations.

These of course relate to the Irish legend!


Do not miss this on any tours of Ireland.