Glen Lyon, Perthshire


Glen Lyon, Perthshire

This is the longest enclosed glen in Scotland at over 34 miles.

There are a few things that make it an interesting place to visit on any tours of Scotland.


The Gaelic name for the glen translates to “the crooked glen of the stones”

Gaelic mythology says that says that Fingal had twelve castles in the crooked glen.


The castles referred to are a series of stone-built ring forts from the Iron Age.

Strictly speaking they are not forts, as all lie on low ground and several are close together.

They actually represent and influx of prehistoric people from the West.

They cultivated the arable land at the bottom of the glen and built fortified homesteads.


Also look at Meggernie Castle, which Is now privately owned.

The oldest part of the castle dates from the 16th century.

The building of the castle began in 1585 and was started by “Mad Colin”, who was actually Colin Campbell.


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