Glenbeigh, County Kerry

Glenbeigh, County Kerry

Glenbeigh rossbeigh beach
This is a castle found on the Ring of Kerry.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we find the Ring of Kerry somewhat commercialised.

Therefore, our tours of Ireland rarely take us there.


However, if we are on a tour, we stop at Glenbeigh.

It offers one of the finest views over the Dingle Peninsula.


The castle itself is in ruins and at first glance looks like many others scattered around Ireland.

However, Glenbeighs Castle is different!

It was in fact built in 1867 by an eccentric nobleman.

Lord Headley wanted a castle of his own and commissioned an architect to design it.

However the architect “E.W.Godwin” was not up to the task and the castle ended up with leaking roofs and walls.

It was reduced to ruins during the troubles in 1922.

It is also known as Wynn’s Castle.


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