Glencolumbkille , County Donegal

Glencolumbkille , County Donegal

Saint Columbcille came here to pray during the 6th Century.

It is a wee hidden gem on any tours of Ireland.

Glencolumkille is still a place of pilgrimage and on June 9th each year , at midnight , locals walk barefoot for 3 miles stopping at each of the penitential cross-inscribed slabs that dot the valley. They finish with Mass at 3.00 am.

There is also a folk park and a nice beach nearby. Its a nice place to visit.

An archaelogical walk through the park takes in a Mass rock , a tower , a lime kiln , and many other artefacts.

There is also a “sweathouse” which is a medieval sauna.

For the very adventurous there is a shebeen house where you can taste seaweed wine !!! You wont get this opportunity in too many other places on Ireland tours !!!