There are numerous significant medieval religious locations in Ireland. You will come across them regularly on Ireland tours.

However one of the most beautiful is at Glendalough in the hills of County Wicklow.

This location is a really special place. It is peaceful , romantic , and inspiring.

It is quite clear why two saints , Saint Kevin , and latterly Saint Lawrence O’Toole (a 12th century abbot and church builder) chose the valley with its two lakes for their relegious contemplations.

In fact Saint Lawrence O’Toole was one of the few Irish Saints to have formally cannonised by the Pope in Rome. I will bet very few of you have ever heard of him though !!

Saint Kevin founded the monastery at the site. It is said he lived there until his death in the early seventh century at the ripe old age of 120…..yes 120 years old !!

The monastery has two parts.  One reflects the simple existence of Kevin and the later part , possessing more well-known monuments , including one of the best examples of the round tower to be found anywhere in Ireland.

Dont miss Glendalough is the bottom line….on any tours of Ireland.