Gleneagles Hotel & Grounds

Gleneagles & Blackford, Perthshire, Tayside

Though the first association with ‘Gleneagles’ is likely to
be the golf course and hotel, there is in fact a glen of that name running
through the Ochil Hills a little to the south. Moreover, the name has nothing
to do with birds, deriving from the Gaelic eaglais, a church. The main courses,
the King’s and Queen’s, were laid out in 1918 with the help of the famous
golfer, James Braid; the hotel opened 5 years later and two more courses have
been added since. If not the hardest in the country to play, they are certainly
the most beautiful.

Two miles away in the Strathallan Valley is the village of
Blackford, in the same parish as the gold hotel. Here we look southwards on the
village and its chequerboard surrounds, and, cupped in the Ochils, the Upper
Glen Devon Reservoir. Brewing was once a strong industry here, but the Scottish
brewers have fared worse than their English counterparts under the thumb of big
business, and consequently real Scotch ale is taking longer to return to its
proper place alongside whiskey as part of the Scot’s staple diet.

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