Glenties , Co. Donegal

Glenties is a neat little village , kept trimly in awe of the mountains looming nearby. It is well worth a stop on your tours of Ireland with Ireland Luxury Tours. Another hidden gem...we specialise in those !!!!!!!!

The immediate surroundings are wooded , but the scenic route towards Lough Finn rises to moor-covered mountains , mostly bare , with empty , tumbling cottages here and there. The legend of Lough Finn is one of the most poignant Irish legends. Fergoman was trapped by a wild sow , hearing his cries , his sister Finna swam across the lake to aid him. But she had swum from his side of the lake towards the cliffs , which echoed his shouts , and arriving there she heard his voice again from the other side. She swam back , only to be deceived again by the echo , and so she crossed and re-crossed , until she drowned. Fergoman died of tusk wounds. The sow still roams the moors.

Take a trip here and see the fantastic scenery.

Finn Lough