Greystones, County Wicklow

Greystones, County Wicklow

County Wicklow, with its moorland wastes and bare granite hills, has real beauty.

With its lovely valley, wooded glen, and smoking waterfall, it’s worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.


Much of the coastland is low, being a drift coloured plain, fringed from Wicklow to near Greystones by a shingle bank known as “The Murrough”.

But the ancient quartzites rise westwards to form the fine conical hills of the Great Sugarloaf and the Little Sugarloaf (mountains of sorts with the larger being 1,659 feet high)


Greystones is a quiet holiday resort and residential district.

It lies in a pleasantly wooded part of the Wicklow coast, a few miles south of Bray Head and eighteen miles from Dublin.


It has a sandy beach and an excellent eighteen-hole golf course.

Greystones also retains part of its former fishing village feel.


Also, Greystones lies within the dry coastal strip of the East where annual rainfall is under the national average.

We all know how important that can be in Ireland!


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